Cozy Up Cowgirl

It’s fall yall! The leaves are falling, the air is crispier, the weather is temperamental, and if you’re anything like me you’ve completely overdone it in the “cozy” department. I’m talking cozy socks, cozy sweaters, cozy drinks, cozy blankets, cozy candles, everything cozy. Let me begin by saying that if you too have found yourself buying one too many cozy items you have absolutely come to the WRONG place because I’m about to tell you that you need more. Seriously guys, we all know that pumpkin spice lattes were created to be enjoyed in a cozy sweater. Cozy doesn’t mean being fashionably appealing on the gram, or just rocking that leaf-fall-weather for the camera… but let me tell ya, it doesn’t hurt!!

Even before the weather starts changing we are bombarded left and right with all the different kinds of sweaters from every retail store on every corner. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. Lucky for all of you, you now have me. Let’s get right to the point ladies and gentlemen, you see that picture of me in that sweater? Cozy. Good on the gram?… Well let’s be honest, cute as heck. So here’s what yall are gonna do. After you’re done reading this blog and you’ve finished taking in all the joy that I am now bringing to your life, you’re gonna go shopping. You’re gonna hit that ‘new arrivals’  button, where you can find this sweater, as well as other really frickin’ cute options that they’ve dropped today, and you’re gonna cozy it up. All right im outta here, i’ll see yall again next month, please try not to be fashion disasters until then. Chao!

-Amairany Hernandez


Find this sweater here!