The Pinque Blog By Amy Hernadez

I know what you’re thinking, and trust me I thought it too. Traveling during covid? Probably not the best time to travel across the world but hey two covid tests later I’m negative and a lot more worldly. So if you ask me? Totally worth it. There were three very important things that I learned. One, traveling fuels my soul. Immersing yourself in a new culture and visiting all these new, beautiful places is so amazing I highly recommend it.. I’ve for sure caught the bug (Not covid, Just to be clear). Second, my hair does not do well with humidity. Frizzy hair, for sure, not my thing. Third, I am a TERRIBLE packer. I’m talking 53lbs of luggage that more than ⅔ of it was not even used. God Bless having a bf that is willing to deal with that terribly packed suitcase because it was a STRUGGLE. All 53 lbs of it and I had a blast though.
Now, what you all came here for. Let’s talk about the outfits. To be completely honest I spent most of my time in a bikini or lounge wear. BUT, when I did make my way out of the water and had the opportunity to dress up you better believe that I got dolled up. To no surprise to anyone I made my way to Pinque Boutique before my trip and well everything I wore was basically from there haha. My two piece Black Free People ensemble with some heeled sandals and red lipstick? An absolute hit. A see through flowy white skirt with a black one piece underneath? Flirty and fun. Thanks Pinque! But the real star of my trip though was the accessories, when you spend most of your time in very little clothing the way you accessorize is everything. There were 4 staple pieces that I wore throughout my trip: a gold layered chain necklace, hoop earrings, a brown leather clutch (they're pictured below and you can buy them at Pinque!), and a brown sun hat that I picked up at a gas station about a year ago (don’t hate on the fact that it came from my local Kum & Go, fashion knows no bounds). I literally wore these 4 constantly. At the beach? Sun hat and layered necklace. Out for dinner? Bomb outfit necklace, clutch and hoop earrings. Out doing tourist-y things? Chain layered necklace and hoop earrings. Done. Ladies I’m telling you, you could have a very basic outfit and make it all the better by adding the right accessories. So ladies, if we learned anything at all today by reading this, it is that if you don’t already have some, yall need to make your way to the store and get some hoop earrings.
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