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Pinque was founded in 2004 by Beckie Nelson when she was 18 years old.  Four years later, she won Miss Colorado, using her pageant platform to brand, The Pinque Boutique, to what it is today.  Pinque is known for its trademark on-trend clothing that brings a taste of bohemiam flair to classic, comfortable, everyday pieces.

Having lived in colorado all of her life, Beckie has sought inspiration from the mountain-town gypsy lifestyle. She loves to help people embrace their free-spirit through fashion and is passionate about helping others develop their own individual style.

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Bigger than Life

Pinque is more than a brand - its a lifestyle. A Pinque girl knows her worth and isn't afraid to light up a room.  She is confident, charismatic, and colorful. She seeks the most in life and embraces the world with passion, determination, and spirit. Above all, our Pinque girls inspire and empower those around them to let their individuality shine bright to the outside world.


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